Johnston Healthcare Search

The Prestige™ Search Process

The Right Candidate, The Right Cultural Fit, in The Right Time Frame

The Prestige™ Search Process is designed to ensure that clients, candidates, and consultants focus on "what's really important".

This process inherently focuses on "cultural fit", specific "performance expectations", and realistic "candidate assessment".

1. Effective Client Assessments
2. The Prestige™ Tactical Plan
3. Search Specification & Communication Schedule
4. Candidate Search Process
5. Candidate Database / Profiles
6. Process Validation — Initial Candidate Portfolios
7. Final Candidate Determination Process
8. Background Checks — Verifications
9. Final Candidate Portfolios / Interview Schedules
10. Final Candidate / Client Execution

Bottom line: The Prestige™ Search Process enables every client with the ability to "trust a formalized process" that consistently yields exceptional results!!

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